Aromatherapy Consultation


FOLK Botanicals aromatherapy consultations are one part therapeutic and one part education, and always relaxing. You’ll leave each session with a custom formulation and plan based on your goals plus a foundational understanding of essential oils.

We’ll begin each session with a review of your medical history and then discuss how to go about incorporating a daily essential oil practice into your life. Common ailments include stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, sex-drive, muscle aches and pains, skin issues, menstrual cycle and hormone imbalances and so on.

Some things we’ll touch upon in our session:

-Efficacy and safety 
-Sustainability and ethics
-Oil sourcing do’s and don’ts
-Myth busting
-Realistic effects and expectations of essential oil use



Sessions run anywhere from 45 – 60 minutes and take place at the FOLK Botanicals studio or, if you’re not local, through Zoom, Skype, phone etc.

Once you place your order for a session, we will follow up with an email to schedule a session time that’s convenient for you. If you live outside of Austin, a shipping fee may be applied to cover the shipping of your custom formulation.

Mo Cole is a trained and certified aromatherapist (recognized by NAHA and AIA) with over 13 years experience working with essential oils and formulating natural apothecary products.

FOLK Botanicals is not affiliated with any multi-level marketing companies and is not beholden to any one source for essential oils. The only criteria are sustainability, purity and ethical business practices.

FDA Disclaimer
For educational purposes only. The information shared during consultations has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.