The FOLK Philosophy

We live in a world where many people think that more is better whether it’s perfume, bath and body products, laundry detergent or “air fresheners”. Unfortunately, this has left us numb to the subtlety of (truly) natural fragrances.

FOLK Botanicals invites you to experience the joy of plant-based aromatics and skin care products without being hit by an olfactory freight train.

As a certified aromatherapist, I’m also deeply passionate about safety, the ethical and sustainable sourcing of oils, as well as the judicial usage of essential oils. We make all of our products with sincere intention at every step, using the highest quality ingredients at a price range we think is fair. We have fun and love what we do and we hope that you can feel that in the products we create.


We believe that you should add more self-care and ceremony into your life. We encourage you to take a moment, be still and breathe deeply. Take a bath or put something clean and nourishing on your skin. Be kind to yourself and your vessel. We know this is challenging. Here at Folk Botanicals, we have children, partners, dogs that need walking and meals that need cooking (I know you can relate), so I say this as a sort of positive reinforcement for us as well as you.


A quick word on the term “anti-aging” that might be a little unpopular: You cannot stop time. You cannot NOT age. At FOLK, we loathe hype and hollow marketing promises. What we do get behind is being honest, healthy and balanced; being in touch with the planet while looking and feeling the best you possibly can. It means feeding your skin (your largest organ) the best ingredients possible, just like feeding your body the most nourishing food you possibly can.

Don’t look for a miracle.

Know that using the best, cleanest skincare products available (like ours) will give you the tools and potential to simply be the best version of you. That’s the you we’re here for.

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