Palo Santo Incense Sticks


These Palo Santo (bursera graveolens) aka “Holy Wood”  incense sticks are not like your typical incense. Sourced from Ecuador, this wood is taken from sacred trees and branches that have fallen on their own and is naturally organic, with no added chemicals.  Palo Santo has been used by shamans and medicine men and women in sacred ceremonies for hundreds of years. The aroma is pleasingly unique and perfect for smudging, purifying and clearing negative energy.  

Note that these sticks do not burn non-stop like packaged incense and may need to be lit more than once for optimal aromatic release. Never leave the room while burning these incense sticks and always burn responsibly.  

1 ounce – Bundle includes 3 or 4, 3-4 inch Palo Santo sticks

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Directions: Hold the end of your palo santo stick under a flame until it ignites, and let it burn for 10-30 seconds. Gently fan or blow out the flame and let your palo santo smoke as you smudge or simply allow the smoky aroma to permeate your environment for a bit. Place the palo santo stick in a fire safe bowl when you are finished and let it extinguish itself. These sticks can be reused over and over and will last through many uses.

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